Thursday, January 28, 2010

T^2: Sports ;-)

M: With a slew of big sporting events happening/coming up such as the Superbowl, Olympics, Australian Open, World Cup... What's your absolute favorite sporting event? (Can't cheat and pick one that encompasses many sports.)

My favorite has changed over the years (growing up I might've said NBA All-Star Game or women's figure skating in the Olympics or maybe even women's gymnastics in the Olympics) but I think at this point in my life, my favorite sporting event is opening weekend for the NFL. After 7 long months without any football, the beginning of football season and the potential of all that could happen is really exciting to me. Especially since I'm obsessed with Fantasy Football now. :) [I contemplated the NFL draft, too, because I love all the stories that go with the young'uns getting drafted. Actually all the background stories of athletes is one of the main reasons I loooooove the Olympics, too.]

I'm not much of a sports person and watch very few sporting events of my own accord. So I'd have to say my absolute favorite sporting event would be Olympic gymnastics. It's my favorite sport (to watch and to do) and of course the Olympics is the ultimate display. I wish I could watch more of other gymnastics competitions but television coverage tends to not be that great...


burkie said...

i'm sure mira knows my answer--in fact, she foreshadowed it. the nfl draft. i'm a draft geek. i order books, make my own projections, watch every minute. in fact, when it used to be 12 rounds instead of 7 and be on sunday & monday instead of saturday & sunday, i used to take on the monday so i could watch it! i love golf major tournaments, too, but i've never taken leave to watch them :)

NFL Draft said...

I like TV.
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