Sunday, January 29, 2012

M: A Netflix Weekend

Haha, and two more off of my Netflix queue!  Only 19 more to go! :)

Prom: Even though Aimee Teergarden kind of annoys me, I rather enjoyed this movie and her in it as well.  I appreciated that the actual prom part of it wasn't a big deal but it was more about the lead up and what prom meant for people than anything else.  Quite predictable, but a really cute movie.

Sorority Wars: This was a made for TV movie, I guess, since it definitely had commercial breaks built into it.  Lucy Hale stars, with Courtney Thorne Smith and some other girl who reminds me a lot of Ellen Page but isn't Ellen Page. It was another super predictable movie but made me happy in that feel good made-for-TV movie way.

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burkie said...


i must have seen the commercial for Prom about five thousand times.