Wednesday, February 01, 2012

M: some quick thoughts on Smash

Too lazy to flesh out a real post, so here are just some bullets on my impressions based on the pilot episode...
- Like it already!
- Too many characters, what are their names?
- Not a huge Katherine McPhee fan, but this is a good outlet for her.
- Love, love, love the musical numbers -- a combination of existing songs and songs written for the musical. Proof that there can be musical theater on TV without exaggerated lip syncing. (Ahem, GLEE.)
- Where will they go past season 1? Create a different musical?
- Will they exploit potential success of the show and actually create a Broadway musical? The song numbers and storyline should already be ready to do so.
- There are a lot of very perfect and supportive significant other's (ie. Debra Messing's husband, Katherine McPhee's boyfriend) but it really looks like they're planning on messing with those relationships -- that already pisses me off!  Is Katherine McPhee's character going to be one of those girls who just can't resist a guy with an accent?
- NBC is putting a lot into this show and the show itself is exciting to watch. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

1 comment:

burkie said...

i liked it, too!

i've never heard of mcphee, but she impressed me in this.

i've always loved debra messing, and was amused to see her paired up with another gay partner :)

the Marylin: The Musical concept is ideal for this show.

i'll keep watching!