Sunday, January 29, 2012

M: Resolution 2012 Update

2 movies off of my Netflix instant queue: It's a Boy Girl Thing and My Girlfriend's Boyfriend.

Both cheesy and pretty much exactly what I expected of them when I added them to the queue.  The second one had a little bit of a twist at the end and the final scene was set to an Ingrid Michaelson song, so I'll say that of the boy girl, girl boy movie face off -- My Girlfriend's Boyfriend won by a small margin.

Not worth expanding on either of the two movies, really. The first one had the girl who played Seth's girlfriend on The OC when he wasn't dating Summer (the comic girl... Anna, I think?).  The second one has the blind guy from Covert Affairs (also formerly of Popular) and Alyssa Milano.

A nice lazy Saturday evening. :)

Now to get a currently playing movie in before the month is over... I might concede defeat on that within the first month! :(

Update (2 hours later): 3 movies off my Netflix instant queue. Latest addition is Morning Glory starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, the friend from Mad About You, and the Jeff Goldblum.  Maybe I'm just Rachel McAdams biased, but this was actually really good!  Probably the only movie I might recommend from the three I watched today.

Well, 3 down... 21 more to go? :)

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burkie said...

hahaha, any coincidence that you watch those movies when russ is away?