Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top Chef: Oh, who cares?

So...I've mentally checked out of this season of Top Chef. I didn't recap last week's episode because essentially nothing happened: the chefs were finally given some freedom to cook whatever they wanted, they all produced good dishes, and the judges decided not to eliminate anyone. Bo-ring.

Now we're in the Bahamas with the final five, two of which I wanted eliminated weeks ago (Mike and Tiffany), and we're back to the usual Top Chef shenanigans cooking with just a flat-top, microwaves, and a of which catches on fire and shuts down the kitchen. All the food gets contaminated and the chefs have to start over. Richard and Antonia took this as an opportunity to completely change their dishes, with mixed results.

None of the chefs seemed particularly happy with their dishes, and the judges weren't terribly enamored either. There were a lot of mistakes in execution and odd combinations and ultimately Carla was sent home for undercooked pork. Richard, despite a sudden lack of confidence, fares well but Mike takes his first elimination win.

Mike's comment that he thought Carla, Tiffany, and Antonia played it safe just to get to the finale got me pretty mad. Carla had won three elimination challenges, and Antonia two. Before this episode, Mike had won two Quickfires but he was "safe" (neither in the top or the bottom) in 7 eliminations, far more than anyone else. He can cook but he's a douche and if he wins, I'm going to be pissed.

Actually, I think if anyone wins besides Richard, they're going to go into the pile with Ilan, Hosea, and Kevin as underwhelming Top Chef winners. Unfortunately, Blais seems to be in danger of self-destructing once again. Not a good time to become a headcase. For some unknown reason the finals are being stretched out this season and there are still three more episodes to go. Let's hope he keeps it together...

- The Quickfire was not that interesting despite the return of former Top Chefs. I liked seeing Stephanie again but Hosea and Kevin I could care less about and Michael Voltaggio was sporting a really bizarre haircut.
- Did the chefs really think there was like a King and Queen of the Bahamas?
- I've actually been to that restaurant in Nassau, Twin Brothers. The judges looked hilariously out of place crammed into that booth.
-Why did the chefs not come out to meet the judges? It was odd having Tom announce the dishes.
-Richard's theory of nuts: peanuts=rock n' roll, walnuts=British rock, almonds=classical, hazelnuts=hippie, pistachios=pop. Um...yeah.

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