Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: Formerly a fan

J: Top three bands/artists that you were a fan of at one point in your life but now cringe and wonder why...

1) 98 Degrees: I won't put 'N Sync or Backstreet Boys on this list because I still kinda, albeit nostalgically, like their music. But 98 Degrees... bleh.
2) Good Charlotte:
Very catchy and happy beats which I enjoyed back in the day. But oh so childish and My Chemical Romance does a great job of showing what it really should have been. In my opinion. :)
3) Nickleback/Three Doors Down: I remember initially liking "How You Remind Me" and "It's Been a While" but then... SO annoying. Now I shudder and switch the radio station when either song plays.

1) Creed: Yes, I admit it, I used to like Creed back in the late 90s. Then I realized that they were really annoying.
2) New Found Glory/Taking Back Sunday/Good Charlotte: I was really into emo music when I was in college and I do still like a lot of it but these nasal, whiny, scream-y bands are just...bad. The lyrics are really immature and the singing is awful. I actually saw Taking Back Sunday live twice because they were touring with other bands that I like and their live show is horrendous.
3) Evanescence: I don't so much cringe as just laugh when I now hear an Evanescence song. They're so angsty it's comical.


burkie said...

I have such great taste on music that this has never happened to me

Fanny said...

Hahaha. The comment above also applies to me.