Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: Series Finales

J: Name your top three most satisfying TV series finales!

Mira: Haha, how appropriate... :)
1. Greek: This just ended this past Monday and I was just thinking about how I wanted to blog about how satisfying the finale was. All the right couples ended up together; there was some emotional closure on long-running storylines; and it was simply the right place for it to end!
2. Sex and the City: The finale did a fine job of wrapping up all the loose ends and truthfully, there was no need for a movie (or ugh, two!) to follow. Carrie ended up with Big, we got the big reveal of his name (kinda like Cappie's real name being revealed in Greek!), Miranda and Steve stayed happy, Charlotte got her kid, and Samantha got Smith. I like happy endings.
3. Dawson's Creek: This is top three for two reasons. One, I was just really glad that the show was finally over. Two, Joey ended up with Pacey and that's what I wanted. (I belatedly remembered that Jen died in the finale and that was horrible, but I'll stick by the two reasons listed.)

1. Friday Night Lights: I know most of you haven't seen this yet and I plan to write a more complete wrap -up of the finale, the final season, and the show as a whole after it airs on NBC but I'm happy to report that it's really great.
2. The OC: There were some ridiculous things about the episode but I was really happy with where all the characters ended up and I loved the epilogue with Seth and Summer getting married and everything being brought full circle with Ryan reaching out to a kid just like Sandy did with him in the pilot.
3. Six Feet Under: Actually I didn't watch all of this a lot of HBO shows it just got really crazy in the later seasons. But the finale was kind of perfect: a series that was essentially about death ending by showing how and when all the main characters died.
Bonus: The X-files. Not sure if it really counts because there was a feature film a couple of years after the series finale but I just remember being so relieved it was over and the last scene was with Mulder and Scully together as a couple.

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burkie said...

jenn, i'm happy to hear about FNL!

1) Newhart. a classic ending for people who had watched TV 10 years earlier.

2) M*A*S*H. actually, this probably belongs at #1. i don't remember the details, but i remember that it was riveting and emotionally draining.

3) can't think of any tired.