Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: Fashionistas

M: Top 3 best dressed TV characters.

This can be considered in a number of ways. I'm going to go with the three whose closets I'd most like to own.
1) Blair from Gossip Girl. This show is all about the fashion, but I love Blair's fashionable preppiness. In particular, I really wanted her green cape/coat from the end of last season.
2) Samantha from Samantha Who?. Another city dresser, but I loved how her clothes were a cross between classy and fun; always clean lines. :)
3) Alicia Florick from The Good Wife. That's how I'd love for adult, professional me to dress. Wait, I am adult and a professional but I don't dress like her. Well, I still admire her feminine but professional style.

Jennifer: I love Blair's wardrobe too but I decided to go with some more random picks...
1) Nikita from Nikita. Her spying/fighting outfits are chic but actually look practical and her disguise outfits are fabulous.
2) Ted from Better Off Ted. I suppose Barney from How I Met Your Mother would be the more obvious choice for male character who only wears suits but I'm partial to Ted. He always looked so sharp!
3) Veronica from Veronica Mars. Not anything particularly interesting I suppose but she always had great jackets and coats. I'm not much into clothes but I love jackets and coats!


Jennifer said...

Some others I considered... Joan from Mad Men, Sarah from Chuck, Erica from Being Erica.

Mira said...

my honorable mentions would be Loralie from Gilmore Girls and Lily from How I Met Your Mother.

burkie said...

1) chief brenda johnson (kyra sedgwick) from The Closer. touch big city police chief with a great girly wardrobe.

2) castle on Castle. he looks stylish & comfortable.

3) not the most politically correct answer these days but, since i've commented on it before, mira might call me out if i don't say it: charlie sheen's character on...that sitcom he's on. i've never seen it, but in the commercials he's always wearing bowling shirts. they look might comfortable.