Friday, February 12, 2010

5 Years of we like TV!

Can you believe it? It's been exactly 5 years since our very first post here at we like TV. And this is our 555th post! (If you were wondering why our blog output skyrocketed this week, it's because we were trying to get to that number.)

Mira and I had been friends since childhood and have always been very into books and TV and movies and talking about them so we started this blog back in 2005 as way to share our thoughts with each other. There have been some dry spells here and there, but amazingly 5 years later we're still at it!

We haven't actually gained much of a readership at all but I don't know that we were ever really doing it for popularity. For me it's just been a fun way to record of what my tastes and opinions have been over the years and the only place I get to do any writing. As a kid I actually wanted to be a writer when I grew up, but obviously that has not happened so it's nice to have an outlet for that side of myself.

So, living up to the name of the blog, most of our posts have been about TV. The top shows we've posted about are:
  1. Top Chef (36). I think there were a few stretches where I posted on it every week! Obviously reveals the foodie side of me.
  2. Gilmore Girls (27). Towards the end we had more of a love/hate relationship with this show (mostly hate when it came to Rory) but man were we invested in it...
  3. So You Think You Can Dance (24). Yeah, we're obsessed.
  4. Veronica Mars (24). Logan was hot.
  5. Friday Night Lights (24). Me watching a football show?!?
  6. Project Runway (22). Unlike with Top Chef, I'm actually not even interested in fashion in real life. But who doesn't love Tim Gunn?
And here are some of my favorite posts:
  1. Favorite "ships" - In which I list many of the TV couples I've "shipped" over the years.
  2. The problem with Lost - In which I vent my frustration with Lost. All my points are pretty much voided now but I'm amused by how fired up about it I was.
  3. So bad they're good: my favorite guilty pleasure movies - In which I list those movies that are "bad" but that I love anyway.
  4. Remembering Madeleine L'Engle - In which I fondly remember one of my favorite authors.
  5. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer - In which I get angry at Twilight and suggest that Edward should have died at the end of the series (I know, blasphemy!)
  6. Harry Potter and the End of an Era - In which I sum up the last Harry Potter book and the series as a whole.
  7. The Man of My Dreams by Curtis Sittenfeld - In which I discuss one of the stranger reading experiences of my life.
  8. Rewatching My So-Called Life - In which I relive the seminal 90s series on DVD.
  9. North and South - Mr. Darcy watch out! - In which I finally get over Colin Firth and my Anglomania starts kicking into high gear.
  10. My Favorite Songs of the 2000s - In which I list my 38 (I know, random) favorite songs of the decade, much of which is possibly unrecognizable unless you're also an indie music snob
You know, the past 5 years have brought a lot of change to how we all consume media. We now have DVRs, Hulu, iPods, e-readers, smartphones, 3-D movies...and anyone and everyone is sharing their opinions about it all on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I know we like TV is just another blip in the massive amount of chatter out there but I'm really glad we've stuck with it. Thanks to everyone who's dropped by our little corner of the web!


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good job, both of you! now i want to catch up on all your favorite posts, jenn. (i clicked on the harry potter one and i posilutely, absotively agree with you about Remus & Tonks. i haven't forgiven her for that!)

keep it going, ladies!