Tuesday, February 09, 2010

snowed in tv

As you may or may not know, Jenn and I are snowed in this week. Okay, I'm snowed in and not working, Jenn's snowed in and still going to work. And actually, being that we have all of two readers, my friend Burkie and Jenn's brother Kevin, you probably already knew all that. But whatever. Anyway, bottom line is, I've had a lot of time at home with little to do except avoid homework and watch TV. And I've watched a lot of TV. Additionally, we've been really good with the DVR lately at my house, so I haven't had DVR stuff to catch up on. So I've been watching a lot of random, crappy TV. Actually, in my case, for whatever reason I prefer to watch movies rather than TV shows... So here's what I've watched while being snowed in (Note: this is all on TV, not from my DVD collection):

The Princess Diaries
(and I own this on DVD!)
Bring it On Again (Yes, AGAIN meaning the sequel.)
Hanging Up
27 Dresses
Moulin Rouge
(I own this on DVD, too.)
And whenever I can't find anything to watch, whatever is playing on Lifetime Movie Network...hanging my head in shame, but you gotta admit, given that list of movies... not too surprising!

So question for our 2 readers (or anyone else, feel free to chime in!), what channel do YOU turn to when you're bored?


Jennifer said...

My standard when I'm bored is the Food Network or the Disney Channel. I also seem to watch a lot of Home Improvement reruns for some reason...

burkie said...

is this a tuesday talk question? mine used to be the food network, but lately it's the nfl network or pbs. or TNT when they're showing multiple episodes of bones or the closer back-to-back :)

Kevin said...

I catch up on stuff on Hulu. I'm really liking Parks and Rec this season. Modern Fam is really good too.