Friday, February 12, 2010

a book, a movie, a song...

It's funny. In creating this blog we decided it'd be a way for us to do what we did in conversation anyway -- talk about TV, books, movies, and music. However, I've noticed that our blog has become primarily TV-focused. I think there are multiple reasons for that: keeping up with TV can take up a lot of your "free" time (especially given the number of shows Jenn and I each follow!); TV is a constant life companion whereas books/movies are not (meaning there's always so much TV going on, whereas you really need to make time for books/movies. Plus, it's easy to write about something on TV at any given point in time, but books/movies probably should be blogged about soon afterward); music-wise, I tend to get nostalgic as opposed to move forward in my tastes (though Jenn does tend to extensively find new music); and I'm sure there are more excuses why I mostly blog only about TV. (Jenn points out that the blog is called "we like TV" with the rest in subtext, but I kinda think that we chose that as the title in creating the blog because it sounded catchier. But really, who knows? I certainly don't remember those details!)

In any case, as we embark upon our 5th year of existence on this blog (more on that later from Jenn!), I'm going to make a much more concerted effort to blog about the other things in addition to TV. It is my goal henceforth to blog about a movie, a book and a song monthly. :) And as you noticed, we're growing our blog a little, too, and inviting some of our esteemed readers to have "guest blogging" privileges. (Welcome, Burkie!) Looking forward to more of that as well!


オテモヤン said...
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burkie said...

|--- hahaha!!!

as for the original post, you have a lot of resolutions & goals this year, mira!