Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chuck: possibly unpopular opinions

After last season's finale, I was a little worried about Chuck. While giving Chuck the enhanced Intersect complete with physical abilities was a fun surprise, I didn't necessarily want to see him become Mr. Super Spy.

So I was relieved to see things kind of "reset" at the beginning of this season with him and Sarah and Casey in almost the same roles and cover stories (except for the Chuck/Sarah breakup, but I'll get more into that later). Chuck is still pretty much that same bumbling guy before the flashes kick in but at the same time, it's nice to see him learning and growing as a spy. I also really like that Awesome is in on the secret and thought that the episodes with him getting mixed up in Chuck's missions were some of the most fun of the series. And of course Casey is still in fine form--Adam Baldwin never fails to make me crack up. I loved the episode where he was Morgan's "enforcer" at the Buy More.

So speaking of the Buy More...I'm going to reveal a few possibly unpopular opinions I have about the show. The first is that, truthfully, I could do without Jeff and Lester and all their Buy More subplots. I know plenty of fans love Jeffster and I understand their purpose in the show being about Chuck balancing his normal and spy lives, but I just don't find their pathetic-ness to be all that entertaining. A small dose here and there I can handle, but I'm kind of glad we're not seeing them every single week. (I am a little sad that Anna Wu had to be excised from the cast though...)

My second unpopular opinion is that I'm not really a Chuck/Sarah shipper. I myself find this to be surprising because I generally ship even minor secondary couples but really, it doesn't make a difference to me whether Chuck and Sarah are together or not. Evidently last night's episode caused an uproar with some fans because they don't like that both Chuck and Sarah now have new love interests, but I wasn't bothered. I like both Hannah and Shaw--the two new pairings are pretty perfectly matched and the chemistry is there. And I mean, really, Chuck/Sarah is something that's not ever going to go away, and as I've read stated elsewhere, I don't imagine that Kristin Kreuk and Brandon Routh are about to become regulars in the cast anyway.

That kind of brings me to my third unpopular opinion: I'm not sure I even really like Sarah. I mean, there's nothing I find annoying about her (like I do with lots of other female characters), it's clear that she has a good heart and is basically all around kickass, but I guess I just find her a little hard to relate to. Don't get me wrong, I think Yvonne Strahovski is doing a fantastic job but for some reason Sarah's just not one of my favorites.

But overall, I really have to say how happy I am that NBC renewed the show for this season. And with the whole Leno-Conan fiasco, I think they're going to need to keep pretty much all the programming they have so hopefully it'll be safe for next season also!

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Kevin said...

I feel the same about Sarah. Don't dislike her but don't really like her either. Whenever I see Kristin Kreuk I can't not think about Lana Lang. UGH. DISLIKE.