Friday, August 17, 2007

Yay Sabra!!!

I have to say I'm super pleased with this outcome. I think I would have supported really any of the final four winning (except maybe Neil...I was a fan of the guy but I just don't think he's delivered quite as much as the others) but Sabra was the one that I had absolutely no reservations about. She's just a pleasure and a joy to watch and I'm so happy for her! I was a bit disappointed by how rushed the ending was though...Cat announced the winner and it was immediately "Stay tuned for your local news"! On that same note, Danny kind of got gypped out of a proper goodbye too. Did they just run out of time?

Usually I would have said that a two-hour finale just to announce the winner is overkill (ahem, American Idol), but overall the show was really enjoyable. It was nice seeing the top 20 again and I loved seeing all the judges' and choreographers' favorite routines again. I was so happy to see Sara and Pasha again! Sara had 3 of her routines picked, which was awesome because I always felt she was a bit underrated by the audience. I'm also glad that they highlighted all the breakers from the auditions and invited the clogger and Brian Gaynor to perform. How excited must they have been? I could have done without the musical performances, but I even liked the little Cat and Nigel Jib Jab "dancing" bit. I knew it was going to have to be something like that because honestly the real thing would not have been pretty.

I believe Mira's going to the tour this year so it's not over yet! I don't yet have tickets but there's still a chance I might be able to go. We'll see!


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I lurve SYTYCD! :-)