Thursday, August 16, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance goes down to the wire

So I was going to vote last night for So You Think You Can Dance, but interestingly I couldn't decide who to vote for...

Up until last night Sabra was unquestionably my favorite, and part of me still does want her to win but I kind of wasn't that impressed with her last night. She was very consistent but nothing really blew me away and that kind of makes me sad. The Shane Sparks hip-hop was disappointing. The Wade Robson fox thing was kind of too bizarre (where does this guy come up with all this?) and the cha-cha didn't seem to have too much cha-cha in it.

So that leaves Lacey, Danny, and Neil. I know Lacey's got a huge fanbase but I've never really warmed up to her. She's not a terribly good solo dancer but that's not really her fault. Danny obviously has the best technique out of everyone, but I still can't help thinking that he doesn't really belong on the show. As for Neil, I think he's improved immensely but despite the screaming teenage girls I'm not sure he's really that popular. But do we really want a sibling of last season's finalists to win?

Gosh, this is difficult. On American Idol there's only 2 in the finale and generally it's pretty easy to pick one, but with 4 finalists? I just don't know!

My favorite routines of the night: The Danny/Neil two princes contemporary piece was awesome! A nice departure from the usually flowing and running pieces that Mia Michaels does. It kind of reminded me of how fight sequences in movies have to be choreographed. Totally cool. Also really liked Lacey and Neil's lindy hop. No, it wasn't perfect and they were definitely tired being the end of the night, but I thought they did a really amazing job keeping up the energy and being light on their feet. I WOULD have liked the Lacey and Danny waltz but that damn Avril Lavigne song kind of ruined it for me. And I'm a bit tired of the waltz in general.

I think I'll be surprised no matter what the outcome is tomorrow...

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