Friday, August 03, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - 2 weeks left??

Is it really true that there are only two weeks left? That is CRAZY. It seems so soon...

The performances:

I wonder why there were no solos this week. Making us endure ten performances of the same routine last week was kind of cruel, but I like the idea of solos because as Cat keeps reminding us, this is a solo competition...

My favorite couple of the night was Pasha and Sabra. They're individually my favorites as well. I think what helped was that their routines were both just FUN. More serious dancing is fine but I think I prefer the dances that make me happy afterward. I liked the Broadway a bit more than the Quickstep I think, but I really appreciated that the Quickstep was more traditional and not the broad interpretations we've been getting in some of the other dances.

My least favorite was Lauren and Dominic. Dominic was one of my favorites earlier on, but I think that his weaknesses have been showing in the past couple of weeks. Lauren I thought should have been gone weeks ago, although she has improved somewhat.

As for the rest...I'm glad that the judges finally called out Lacey for playing too much to the audience. And I'm glad the contemporary routine gave her a chance to give the sexpot thing a rest. Neil seems to be extremely popular and I still kind of like him but I keep comparing him to Travis from last year (as the blonde contemporary guy I guess?) and I don't think Neil compares.

Sara's another one of my favorites. I was actually pretty entertained by her and Danny's hip hop and I thought the costumes were done like that on purpose. As for Danny...he's been growing on me. I think he's been consciously working on his image, which I appreciate.

The results:

I usually fast-forward through the musical performances but I actually didn't mind this week's. I'd never heard of OneRepublic before and they're not exactly my style but it was enjoyable. I like bands that have piano and strings.

I liked that everyone had to dance solos but I didn't find too many of them that interesting, except maybe Pasha. I thought Lacey was especially unimpressive. She's never had to "dance for her life" before, and maybe she was lucky in that respect because her solo consisted of a lot of sliding and strutting around and that was about all. And what is up her thing for knee socks?

Anyway, our breakers Sara and Dominic get eliminated. I predicted Dominic, and while I think he's really talented and entertaining I don't think he really had a chance to win it all. I do have to say that I won't miss his creepy attachment to Cat. Sara I was much more surprised about because I was sure Lauren was finally going to be sent home. I guess I can kind of see where Sara isn't as popular with the audience and she did have a bit of a weak night, but she's done so well with every style and I really wanted to see her make the final four. Sigh.

Someone said this on some message board and it's so true: who would have thought that the only original couple remaining intact this far would be Neil and Lauren??

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