Thursday, August 16, 2007

Top Chef: And the war rages on

My first thought after last night's Top Chef was: LAME.

First of all, both restaurants kind of sucked. And second of all, I really hate when they pull the "no one's going home tonight" thing, especially since this is a challenge that's been done in both past seasons. But I thought about it some more, and I like that they get a second chance. Neither restaurant was clearly better than the other...both had good and bad food, one was lacking in service, the other was lacking in decor. You couldn't really blame one person on either team for what went wrong, so I can see why that decision was made. And honestly, this is one of the most fun episodes of the season so a double dose can't hurt.

Biggest surprise tonight: Howie CAN actually work on a team. But he can't make risotto?

And what was up with the "secret blogger"? Who is she and why were the judges making her out to be so important? Ask the rest of the customers what they think too, geez.

It was nice to see Daniel Boulud, and I kind of liked the burger challenge. Product placement yet again, but truthfully Red Robin does have some pretty awesome burgers. I'm surprised by how many people went the seafood route though...and the whole burger/sandwich line seemed kind of blurred to me. A burger to me is a beef patty on a burger bun. Gail Simmons says it's a patty "of some kind" on a burger bun. So that fake chicken stuff you get at school that a burger? A that a burger? Color me confused.

Oh, and one last thing, just want to comment on the names of the restaurants. Did I hear CJ saying "my sister's name is April" and that's how they named the restaurant? I mean, it's kind of sweet but totally random. I did kind the Garage" at first but the thought of eating in a garage isn't all that appetizing. Still, both better than "Lalalina" from last year. And thank goodness they all remembered to buy wine!

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