Thursday, August 23, 2007

Top Chef: A good soldier goes down

Man I really hate it when the previews give things away. In the preview for this week's episode Padma said something like "this decision is really unexpected" which was a signal that one of the heavy hitters, like Hung or Tre was going to be sent home. And as the episode progressed it was obvious. It was definitely going to be Tre, especially after Ted's rather severe comment about Tre's salmon dish. I don't think I've ever heard him react that negatively to anything. I'm disappointed that Tre got kicked off so early, but I do think it was the right decision. He was the executive chef and Restaurant April definitely failed on food. Even more disappointing was that their second attempt was worse than their first. I guess that goes to show that a team of hand-picked "nice" people doesn't necessarily make for an effective team.

I was really pleasantly surprised by Quatre (which looks so much better than it sounds). They really reworked their menu according to the notes they were given and improved where they needed to improve. And Sara ran the kitchen well. Still not sure of her chances of winning it all, but it's good see her get a win under her belt. No prize this week though I see...

Some odds and ends:
1. The Quickfire was awesome! Hung with the chickens was hilarious, especially Tom's look of disbelief while watching him. Also apparently Casey's knife wasn't sharpened, which is why it looked like she was sawing at the onions when a sharp knife (like Sara's) should just slice right through. (Makes me wonder if I'd be doing better chopping if I had a really well sharpened knife...) Loved Dale's quote about how his team was the "Bad News Bears," haha.
2. Stephen helping the Quickfire winner seemed to have no effect whatsoever. I do always love seeing Stephen though, which is funny because I couldn't stand him on his season and only started liking him after the reunion show...although I did laugh when Dale gave him the smackdown about not babbling on so much.
3. Madonna's brother? Talk about random. His help kind of took the decor out of the judging equation altogether so it ended up really being all about the food. I wonder if that was the intention.
4. Camille, Lia, Joey, and Sara N. showing up for dinner was nice but we hardly got to see them or hear any of their comments, boo.

So...winner of Restaurant Wars? I gotta say that no team yet has compared to Tiffani, Harold, and Dave from Season 1. They had the perfect combination: Tiffani's creativity and thoughtfulness about the concept and menu, Harold's kitchen workhorse, and Dave's superior front-of-the-house. They definitely set the bar high.

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