Friday, January 04, 2013

J: 2013 Resolutions

Um, so I was 0 for 3 on last year's resolutions. I think I'm going to ditch #2 (watch Breaking Bad - I still may, but not going to make it a resolution since I doubt I'll have the time to get through 5 seasons) but keep the other two. So here's an updated list. 
  1. Read Anna Karenina, Middlemarch, and Atlas Shrugged (repeated from 2012). I also just want to make more time to just sit down and read more in general. This year I've pecked away at books just pages at a time here and there which somehow isn't as satisfying.
  2. Finish watching Angel (repeated from 2012). I own all the DVDs, but even easier, it streams free with Amazon prime.
  3. I really liked Mira's TV resolution - watch only the essentials - so I'm going to copy it. I've always been kind of a "completist" who wants to watch all series from the beginning and stick with them but I've increasingly just found this to be a drag. If I don't want to watch something, I don't want to watch it. If I find myself wanting to catch up with it later on (like I did with Parenthood recently), I can. I shouldn't feel stressed out because I'm behind on a TV show!
  4. Ever since I cancelled Netflix, I've become even worse at watching old releases. I compiled a list of  movies I missed in 2011 (I did watch 6 of them), so I updated my post for 2012 with a similar list. I don't really have a plan for tackling this except just try harder?
  5. Figure out what to do about my music problem. I used to be so good at this - I'd listen to Internet radio at work and discover new music, download and put stuff I liked on my iPod, and listened to it in the car. Now I can't stream music at work anymore, my iPod broke, and I actually listen to the radio (and not even music, mostly NPR) in the car. I'm just not happy with this situation...

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Mira said...

You need to connect your phone to your car radio and stream Internet Radio over your car sound system. :) That's how we road trip to Atlanta; stream Pandora.