Thursday, January 03, 2013

M: Concert Hopes for 2013

I'm not a major concertgoer, but I like to go to concerts when the right opportunities are present.  As much as possible, I strive to see artists that I like perform live at least once. Afterward I can determine whether the artist falls onto my a) must see every single time I can, b) not bad and worth seeing if they're touring with someone else I want to see, c) don't bother seeing them again, or d) stay away from any concert they are associated with list.

I think only one artist is on my A list -- Ingrid Michaelson.  But I think any a capella group I've ever liked would also fall onto that list as well.  Most groups are on B or C, depending on how much I like their subsequent albums.  On my D list -- well only Taking Back Sunday comes to mind.  I have a strong suspicion that Taylor Swift would also be on the list given that any live TV performance I've ever heard her sing on has been beyond disappointing.  However, given the fact that her concerts sell out everywhere in 5 minutes flat and in big venues and by repeat concertgoers, I am a teeeeny tiny bit curious.  Not enough to actually shell out the money and go, though.

In 2012, I picked up a whole slew of bands I like, most of them new bands. So I'm hoping to catch them in concert sometime soon... My fingers are crossed that I can make it to some of them in 2013!

Really want to see:
- The Lumineers: Performing in DC at DAR Constitution Hall on January 30 (tickets on sale tomorrow morning -- fingers crossed!) or England in late February (all sold out).
- Of Monsters and Men: They were here in November but I was traveling in South Korea. They are in England in late February or early March (all sold out). Or Paris in June. Or maybe I can catch them in their native Iceland one day. I do want to go to Iceland...
- Mumford & Sons: Saw them at Merriweather in Summer 2011.  Would like to see them again, but not enough to go to the Patriot Center on 13 or 14 February. Since they're an English band, perhaps I can catch them in the UK at some point...
- Imagine Dragons: Their February concert at the The Fillmore in Silver Spring is already sold out and prices are astronomically marked up on StubHub.  They are in England on 2 or 9 April, so... maybe?
- Pentatonix: At The Fillmore in Silver Spring on February 18. What I mentioned above about a capella groups on my A list? Yeah, they're included!  And we're going. :)

Less so: 
- Walk the Moon
- Grouplove

Note: I am not really traveling internationally to follow bands around.  My husband and I are planning to move to England sometime this Spring. 

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Mira said...

No go on The Lumineers. Apparently it sold out in like 5 seconds on the general sale AND two presale days. But 50% of the tickets ended up on StubHub. SUCKS! :(