Tuesday, January 01, 2013

M: 2013 Resolutions

Not that I am particularly good at following through on my resolutions, but at least achieving a small portion of some of the resolutions is better than nothing, right?

1. TV - Watch only the essentials.  I've already started doing that this past Fall, but I need to work on not watching shows because I've committed to watching them and instead watch shows because they're just that good.
2. Movies - I'm proud of what I achieved in 2012 and want to keep it up.  Aim to watch at least one new release movie per month.
3. Books - Read books worth blogging about. Then actually blog about them. Aim to blog about at least one book every quarter.
4. Music - Blog about live music. I do go to at least a handful of concerts a year, it's a shame I'm too lazy to blog about any of them.

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