Sunday, January 13, 2013

M: Week 2 (Why Golden Globes > Everything Else)

As I sit here watching the Golden Globes, I'm again reminded just how much I enjoy the Golden Globes. Back in the high school days, I was quite an award junkie and I bought into the whole “Golden Globes predicts Emmy and Oscar winners,” watching it simply as a prequel. Today, I think the Golden Globes is the only award show that I actually make an effort to watch every year, simply because it's the most entertaining and it best covers what I enjoy – TV *and* movies!

So here are some reasons why I think the Golden Globes > any other award show:
  • It doesn't live off of controversy (à la MTV awards shows), but doesn't take itself too seriously either.
  • It doesn't have 9-10 nominees for ONE category; I'm still really angry at the Oscars for changing the Best Picture nominees category. At least the Golden Globes split the categories.
  • TV *and* Movies! I watch and love both!
  • Because the Golden Globes separates Comedy/Musical from Drama in so many of the categories, you don't end up with only the typical award show-type of nominees. You get some movies/shows that are actually more mainstream.
  • No random musical numbers to fast forward through. (Okay, other people – my husband included – may like the musical numbers, but I can do without 'em.)
  • Specific to this year (and last) only, but... Tina Fey, Amy Poehler > James Franco, Anne Hathaway (sorry!)
Since I didn't post before the Golden Globes, what I loved about this year's show:
  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
  • Anne Hathaway winning for her AMAZING performance in Les Misérables
  • Kristin Wiig (who's name is pronounced way differently than I thought) and Will Ferrell on their rambling but amusing Best Female Supporting Actress Film nomination presentation.
  • Kristen Bell and her baby bump!
  • Jennifer Lawrence (or J-Law) thanking her brothers for being mean to her
  • Jennifer Garner finishing Ben Affleck's thank you speech for him. Adorable!! (He was talking so fast that I doubt the people he actually remembered to thank even heard what he said.)


Jennifer said...

Amazingly...I watched both Best Picture winners, Argo and Les Mis. This is really rare!

I wasn't surprised by the TV categories, but every winner besides Maggie Smith was from a premium cable show. I don't even have most basic cable anymore! As a TV fan, this is just kind of...disheartening?

burkie said...

i hated the fact that i missed the Globes, which is by far the best awards show.

i caught some of the SAG awards last night (after golf). i don't know who jennifer lawrence is, but i thought she looked great at the SAG and i enjoyed her speech.

poor anne hathaway got such a raw deal at the oscars that night, being stuck with a guy who has no business hosting anything, and working with the most poorly written material ever. she deserves better.