Thursday, February 09, 2012

Check in Thursdays: Week 6

Watching... The Voice. Well, I'm intending to watch the Voice...
Listening... Cults - You Know What I Mean. Beautiful but driving retro-ish sound. Also really like Abducted and Go Outside.
Reading... Swim the Fly by Don Calame. Why am I reading a book targeted to teenage males?

Watching... The Voice. Ha! I'm actually caught up on it, too.  Still love the blind auditions. Ceelo in his ridiculous sequined red robes and holding a white puffy cat (Goldfingers-style) is hilarious. And Blake is just dreamy.
Listening... Ingrid's album, Human Again -- yeah now I'm actually listening to it.  My initial thoughts is that it doesn't grab me like her last CD, Everybody, probably because it doesn't have any happy music. But it's an album that definitely is growing on me the more I listen to it.
Reading... um... ah... eh... Nothing. I've got nothing. Ooh! Reading... this!

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burkie said...

watched: the super bowl.
listened to: still listening to jasper fforde's novel, Shades Of Grey.
read: The Name Of The Star, by maureen johnson. why am i reading a book targeted for teenage girls? you may think, because jen & mira recommended it, but you'd be wrong. i actually discovered it in a bookstore and recommended it to mira, who then read it, and noow i've finally read it. and i quite liked it! (and also reading mira's link)