Thursday, February 02, 2012

Check in Thursdays: Week 5

Watching... New Girl. I've liked this show from the beginning even though they still don't know what to do with Winston and sometimes Jess can get a little over the top. But I really liked this week's episode, which pitted Jess against Julia, Nick's new love interest, played by one of my favorite actresses, Lizzy Caplan. And while it does seems kind of inevitable that Jess and Nick will get together, it wasn't a romantic rivalry at all. Julia is just a very different type of girl from Jess and her presence kind of pointed out how ridiculous Jess can be but at the same time allowed Jess to defend herself. And of course I loved the crochet/knitting club at the end!
Listening... Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know. I don't even know where I heard it first but it's been stuck in my head all week! Bonus - Ships in the Night and Down from Mat Kearney's latest album. His songs have been used in a lot of TV shows and on first listen are kind of vanilla singer-songwriter (with occasional spoken-word/rap, eek!) but he really does have a great voice.
Reading... Um, I haven't finished any of the books from weeks 1-4 yet. And yet I continue to go to the library and borrow new ones...

Watching... Well if you see my last two posts -- a lot of junk on Netflix and the sneak preview pilot of Smash. :)
Listening... Ingrid Michaelson's new album, Human Again.  Just got it in the mail today! Love all of her music and am super excited that I'll get to see her in concert (for the 4th time) in May! Yay!
Reading... wedding magazines.  I suddenly got it in my head that it's time to really start getting things done. Well, especially since I need to be mailing invites in the next 3 weeks. Ergh.


burkie said...

watched: nick cage movie, Season of the Witch. wasn't too impressed. also watched a lot of NICS and L&O:CI reruns when i stayed home sick.
listening/reading: still listening to Shades of Grey on CD, and reading The Homesick Texan cookbook.

Fanny said...

Watching: Started watching the relaunched Doctor Who series last Monday and just finished Series 5 yesterday. Scrambling like mad to find Series 6 [Darn you Netflix!]

Listening: Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up", it's a pretty song. Also listening to Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas album, I find his voice super soothing.

Reading: Re-reading "Journey to the Center of the Earth". Found a copy of it in this old bookstore I used to go to and realized I didn't have one.