Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: Romantic Comedies

J: In honor of Valentine's Day, what are your top three favorite romantic comedy films?

1. Bridget Jones' Diary. I've watched this way more times than I can count. I will forever love Colin Firth for basically spoofing himself and taking on a role that was based on his performance in the Pride & Prejudice miniseries. Plus, Hugh Grant is pretty great channeling his usual bumbling charm into playing a total cad.
2. High Fidelity. This one's a little weird because I don't actually root for the main couple, Rob and Laura, to get back together. But I love nearly everything else about this movie: John Cusack (of course), Jack Black and the "musical moron twins," the top 5 lists, Catherine Zeta-Jones as a crazy ex, the great soundtrack...
3. Sabrina. I LOVE Humphrey Bogart in this really funny and wonderful film. And I'm not a huge Audrey Hepburn fan (I find it hard to relate to most of her roles) but the scene where Sabrina is learning to crack eggs with one hand in the Paris cooking school is classic!

1. Love Actually. It's also one of my favorite holiday movies (two other holiday romcom movies that I love include: The Holiday and While You Were Sleeping). I love so many, if not all, of the little storylines and relationships in this movie. And there is not a single cheesy, cringeworthy moment line in this movie. :)
2. You've Got Mail. I grew up with the developments of internet and like many others, I first started with dial-up internet via America Online. So I fully understood the giddiness of hearing those magical words, "You've Got Mail." Plus, I love Meg Ryan (Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally) and Tom Hanks, I loved that she had a book store and was so attached to children's books, and it is simply a movie that makes me so very happy.
3. Serendipity. I, too, am a fan of John Cusack and for whatever reason I really liked him here. This movie does have a cringeworthy moment, which is usually enough to bump a movie, especially romcoms, off my love-it list: Kate Beckinsale's character's present boyfriend/fiance (played by John Corbett). He was gross! Haha, but still I love the sweetness of the connection between John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale and I love that because of this movie I can identify Cassiopeia in the sky and well, I love New York.

[actually posted on 11 February, but because blogster ate the posting from Thursday night!]


burkie said...

i'm a guy so, you know, i don't really watch romcoms...but, you know, if i did, i'm sure i'd be a big fan of the following:

1) The Philadelphia Story, with cary grant, katherine hepburn, and jimmy stewart. all of three were at their very best in this movie, and the supporting characters were all very well done as well. my cat C.K. Dexter Haven was names after cary grant's character :)

2) The Holiday, which mira mentioned. charming and sweet.

3) The Lord Of The Rings. i'm sure i laughed at some point during the movie....and there was kissing in it...that's enough for a romcom, right? no? well... i'm going to go with a tie: "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" & "Tortilla Soup" because they are the same movie. EDMW was a taiwan movie by Ang Lee, and Tortilla Soup was made some years later based on EDMW but with a Mexican-American envrironment. both funny & touching, and the food in both is amazing.

Mira said...

You know Jenn, for my loooooving romcoms, I haven't seen High Fidelity or the Humphrey Bogart Sabrina!!!

Weekend Breaks to New York said...

I find romantic comedies to be exciting! It's always nice to laugh ;_)

burkie said...


both High Fidelity & Sabrina are both great; i can loan you the latter. we the remake, too, with harrison ford & julia ormand. i think greg kinnear is quite good in the william holden role, but the original is overall much better.