Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: Presidents!

M: To spin off of Jenn's holiday-themed question last week... With Presidents' Day around the corner, top 3 Presidents portrayed in books/movies/tv?

1. David Palmer on 24. Since I pay way more attention to television than to actual politics, I sometimes think of President Palmer as the first black president. (His brother Wayne, however, is one of the more ridiculous fictional presidents ever.)
2. Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica. Um, she was President of the Twelve Colonies and not the United States but she was pretty kickass.
3. Bill Pullman in Independence Day. It's been years since I watched this movie so I don't even remember his character's name but he had that one great speech and he actually went into combat which seemed really cool?

1. Morgan Freeman as President Beck in Deep Impact. I dunno why, but his performance has always stayed with me, even if the rest of the movie did not. I simply remember while watching the movie that Morgan Freeman made a pretty fantastic president. :)
2. Geena Davis as President Mackenzie Allen in Commander in Chief. I actually did not watch this series in whole, but the few episodes here and there that I watched really impressed me. We have yet to have a female President in our country, but if we did, I'd hope it would be someone like her.
3. I considered stealing what I know will be Burkie's #1 answer: Martin Sheen in The West Wing, but since that's yet another show I did not watch in whole but only in bits and pieces, I think that I will pick someone else. Instead I will go with Harrison Ford as President James Marshall in Air Force One. A President who kicks ass, can give rousing speeches, values safety of his family and personnel above all? Yeah, he was kinda awesome in this one. I'd vote for him!

[Sorry for the delayed post, a second week in a row! Completely Mira's fault for forgetting to answer her own question. Posted 9:20AM Friday, backdated to Thursday.]

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burkie said...

1) mira's right: definitely President Jed Bartlet as portrayed by Martin Sheen in The West Wing. if aaron sorkin ever runs for president, i will vote for him because he created the best president ever.

2) President Andrew Shepherd as portrayed by Michael Douglas in The American President. i don't remember much of his president-ness, but a widowed bachelor as president reminded us that presidents are people, too. and the screenwrite? aaron sorkin :)

3) going with mira here: President James Marshall from Air Force One. in addition to all mira said, he's also a pilot. bigger-than-life prez!