Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Talk Week 22

J: Which TV shows can you go back and watch again and again on DVD or in reruns? Which TV shows can you never watch again? Why?

Mira: It's funny, I own a toooon of TV show DVDs. But I never, ever watch them. However, when they're airing on syndication on TV, I often find myself sitting and rewatching random, old episodes. The thing is, I love watching random episodes of Gilmore Girls, but thinking about watching all of it? There were so many BAD episodes/seasons. Anyway, what I've been really wanting to just sit down and watch again is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and My So-Called Life. Show I cannot rewatch -- Full House. I loved it as a kid but it's just too corny. Oh and a bunch of the other TGIF shows... Boy Meets World, Sister, Sister...

Jennifer: I think the shows I've rewatched the most are Wonderfalls  and Veronica Mars. I also watch a lot of Buffy reruns on Logo and for some reason, Home Improvement. One show that I'd like to rewatch but don't own on DVD is The X-files. There were so many good episodes but out of 9 seasons it's kind of hard to remember which ones they were. Interestingly, I can no longer watch any episodes of Gilmore Girls, even from the early seasons before it got bad. I guess the knowledge of what eventually happens makes everything really grating. I also don't think I'll ever want to rewatch things like Lost or 24.

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burkie said...

this is a tough question for an old person like me. i've never bought a tv series on DVD; i've never even considered doing such a thing. tv is supposed to be FREE, dammit!

right now, the only show that i routinely watch reruns of is Bones. the characters are all so likable and i enjoy watchin & rewatching their development. past favorites include Star Trek; Star Trek TNG; dick van dyke show; all in the family; the rifleman. shows that i loved when they were current but have never bothered to watch reruns of are Picket Fences and The West Wing. i'm not sure why because i truly loved those shows.