Friday, June 11, 2010

T^2: Spooky!

M: With the plethora of supernatural series (tv shows, books, movies, comics) out there on all sorts of supernatural creatures (vampires, werewolves, ghosts)... what's your favorite and why?

Mira: I put the question up and of course I have trouble answering it! You know what? I pick Harry Potter. I was torn, considering an easy obvious answer such as Buffy (TV) or The Mediator (book series that mimics Buffy's formula perfectly except with ghosts instead of vampires), but you know... I just love, love, love Harry Potter. I can't help it. :)

Jennifer: My favorite series of all time is of course Buffy, but for something more current I'm going to plug Being Human, which is a British series that will be returning for its second season on BBC America this summer. It's about three twenty-somethings that share a house together: Mitchell is a vampire, George is a werewolf, and Annie is a ghost. I know it sounds kind of silly but it's actually really good. It kind of reminds me a little of Buffy in that it has a lot of smart comedy mixed in with the more dramatic and scary and suspenseful elements. Russell Tovey, who I love love love, plays George, and there's also a really great villain, Herrick, who doesn't look like a typical bad guy but is really creepy. Apparently SyFy is making an American version of the series but I'm sort of skeptical considering SyFy's track record (and stupid network name).


Fanny said...

I am going to have to agree with Mira. I love Harry Potter! I never get bored of it no matter how many times I read or watch the books or movies. It's the only one of them all that I genuinely get SUPER excited for despite already knowing how the story will unfold.

burkie said...

i'd say Poor Yorick's Pub. the writing & character development are brilliant, and the the special handling of vampires and werewolves...oh...i'm sorry. you wanted tv, books, movies, or comics. oops. my bad. okay, then. harry potter. i can read the books over & over, and i can watch the movies over & over. i love the little music at the beginning. it gets me every time. pathetic, huh? i'll get a hall of fame mention, though, to bram stoker's Dracula. i enjoyed the book very much. it was probably the most effective use of "book in the form of a series of letters & diary entries" that i've read, and the movie versions are iconic.

i'll through out a more current & little known (book) recommendation to you as well: lisa carey's "In The Country Of The Young." i've read several of this author's books and quite admire her prose.

Mira said...

being human sounds interesting!!!