Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thursday Talk Week 22

J: So with the regular TV season pretty much over, let's recap! Name your...
Favorite new drama
Favorite new comedy
Favorite returning drama
Favorite returning comedy
Best finale
Show you're most looking forward to returning in the fall
Show you're most disappointed was canceled


Favorite new drama - This season I picked up Glee, Life Unexpected, Parenthood, The Vampire Diaries and Caprica. I think there were good and bad things about all of them, but actually I think the drama that I enjoyed the most? Make It or Break It!
Favorite new comedy - Community (runner up: Modern Family)
Favorite returning drama - Hm, this one is hard too. I guess I'll pick Friday Night Lights, even though I only watched half the season when it was airing on DirecTV and it only just started airing on NBC a few weeks ago.
Favorite returning comedy - Parks and Recreation (runner up: The Big Bang Theory)
Best finale - Vampire Diaries
Show you're most looking forward to returning in the fall - I have high hopes for Life Unexpected, and of course Vampire Diaries because of all the crazy cliffhangers!
Show you're most disappointed was canceled - Better Off Ted


Favorite new drama: The Good Wife. (I was trying to decide which category Make It or Break It would be in of Drama/Comedy and the same with Glee.) For straight drama though, I loved, loved, loved The Good Wife.
Favorite new comedy: Glee (even though it's dramedy, same goes with Parenthood -- which category?)
Favorite returning drama: Grey's Anatomy (I love my angsty hospital drama.)
Favorite returning comedy: Greek (though I kind of liked where Chuck went this season, but I haven't finished the season and I kept watching it in chunks of 3 episodes at a time.)
Best finale: Um, I'm going to be showing a lot of love for Glee in this post, but I'm going to hedge a bet that my favorite finale this season is next week's season finale of Glee. I have such high expectations of it, though, so hopefully I won't be disappointed!
Show you're most looking forward to returning in the fall: Glee, the season isn't even over and I'm already sad that next week is the last new episode I'll get for months!
Show you're most disappointed was canceled: The Deep End. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT GOT CANCELED! I was wondering what happened to the rest of the episodes and why it didn't come back during May sweeps! (I was contemplating lesser candidates such as The Beautiful Life, which had potential to be Gossip Girl-bitchy, or Eastwick, which was interesting in some ways but really annoying in lots of others.) Boo! That makes me sad cuz the characters were kinda interesting and the one guy actor was really, really pretty.


burkie said...

jeez, i don't konw if i can answer all these.

New Drama: i'll go with Parenthood, with a shout-out to Castle.

New & Returning Comedy: i don't watch comedies.

Returning Drama: The Closer, with a shout-out to Bones.

Finale: Life Unexpected. i didn't actually see the finale but i was afraid it would be stupid. i heard it wasn't, so that's why i'm choosing it.

Looking Forward To: i'm choosing a summer show, The Closer.

Cancelled: i can't think of any shows that were canceled except for "Monk," and it was time. oh, i'm choosing Monk for best finale...and best comedy.

Jennifer said...

Oh I totally forgot about 10 Things I Hate About You getting cancelled! Just watched the last episode and I'm so angry!