Wednesday, June 16, 2010

M: and it starts!

Top 11... YAY!

Billy Bell -- He definitely deserved to make it, even if he's the 11th. If I had to give up anyone for an actual Top 10, it'd be Rob or Adechike. In fact, I'd like to say I'd give up both of them for Anthony back. Okay, back to Billy Bell. I like him in the way I really liked Jakob last season. Just watching this first dance ("Footloose" choreographed by Tyce) I can see how this All-Star stuff will be really good. You're never going to worry about the partner, and you get to see if the "new" dancer can keep up with the "seasoned" ones. Anyway, I prefer Tyce when he does his lyrical stuff more so than his Broadway/Jazz...

Cristina -- Okay, I think it's unfair to be paired with Mark and Sonya... For anyone. Especially a Latin girl. (And hey, Nigel agrees with me!) I felt that Mark was using Cristina as a prop and something to dance around. So... I didn't really like it. But she seems kinda sweet (and is not a good singer)... Oh, and I didn't like what she was uh... wearing? Looks more like body paint. (Okay, the other judges really liked her.)

Jose -- Totally got lucky getting Comfort and hence hip hop. Comfort is so awesome in her genre, so it's fantastic she's back on the show. I really do like Jose, and I thought he was great in this routine. I really hope to see him grow the way Legacy did last season.

Adechike -- Maybe Adechike lucked out most, the most beautiful dancer (not person, but dancer!) on the show Kathryn and his genre choreographed by Travis!? I liked the dance and their performance of it. I love watching Kathryn dancing, though. (Hmm, the judges didn't like him much. *shrug*) Haha, I liked that he went to Laguardia HS, too. And he's a cute little guy. But I still miss Anthony!

Melinda -- Um, we already knew those "things American doesn't know about you" things. But she does look and smile like Kathryn... Ballroom with a partner who knows everything they're doing is so much more fun to watch.

Alex -- That was seriously a top 4 dance to me. I don't think anything will top that for my favorite dance of the night. The only thing I wish for was a little bit more power in their connection, but the dance was so powerfully danced by both Alex and Allison. SO awesome. It's really lucky that Sonya gave them softer music than her norm... I do like that he's a male ballet dancer and not contemporary. :)

Alexie -- HAHA! Adam Shankman in the '90s! :) Okay, she's half Twitch's size... I kinda thought that was a bit boring, though she's really cute and a good dancer.

Lauren-- Kinda reminds me of Mollie at first, but there is more maturity in her. How did she get her genre, too?! Pop jazz?! Ade is a fantastic partner, and I really, really enjoy Lauren's dancing. She performs and dances in the same way as Kathryn. (I keep comparing people to Kathryn!) I think I will like her! Definitely my favorite female... (Odd, Nigel said poor performance and chemistry, which I thought she was good at.) Haha, good luck 18-year-old, looking deep into who you are...

Kent -- And Anya?! Haha, Kent cracks me up. And I've got to say that when he dances, he is nothing like the talking Kent. Okay, though 18-year-old Kent, I'm glad they got you while you are young and still have all your youthful personality. You can tell he's a judge favorite; such a cutie!

Ashley -- I don't know anything about Ashley! Yay, I like Tyce slow pieces. Neil looks like a grown up little boy still. I dunno why, while I liked the number, it definitely made me think of ice skating on well, not ice and without skates. :) Yet another 19-year-old who isn't mature enough in emotion. (Haha, I like how when she said she thought she was in love right now the judges reactions were kind of... patronizing. "Little girl, puppy love" kind of reaction. Haha!)

Robert -- Courtney and African Jazz? Very interesting! Been very uninterested in him so far, but gotta say he was good here. Though I kept watching her. I definitely like African Jazz more than regular Jazz, I've gotta say. He's so fake humble to me, though. He reminds me of Mark and... hahaha, Neil, actually.

Overall notes:
  • Favorite Dance: Alex
  • Least Favorite: Melinda
  • Guys are wayyyyy stronger.
  • Top 3 (in no particular order): Alex, Kent, Lauren.
  • Favorite All-Star: Ade, I never realized what a strong partner he is.
  • I like the All-Star thing a lot! It's nice to be rooting for the new dancers and not have to worry about their partners letting them down.
  • The judges keep saying that the dancers are unlucky because they have no "free" weeks for a "learning curve" but I think I disagree. Only 1 dancer has to worry about going home, the dancers don't have to worry about having a weak partner, and because they're the only one on stage being voted on you can finally scrutinize them and get to know them faster than when you have to "meet" 20 people at once and can't really remember 6 of them until they're gone anyway.
  • They need to stop taking 18-year-olds if they're going to constantly harp on a lack of life experience and depth of emotion... AND TAKE ANTHONY!

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Jennifer said...

I have like a mega huge girl crush on Kathryn's dancing. I know I'm supposed to be paying more attention to the actual contestants but I'm so happy that we're going to get see her all season long!

Ok for the actual top 11. I like Jose but I'm kind of tired of the judges being all like, b-boys don't do choreography! I mean, hello, he made it through Vegas, didn't he? I was a little surprised that Mia was so enthralled with the Sonya/Alex/Allison routine. I thought it was great but maybe I need to rewatch it. Still hate Tyce, Mandy Moore is still stuck in the 80s, and loooove Sean Cheesman and African Jazz!

And like, is this show better in HD? I sometimes feel like the camerawork sucks but maybe that's because I'm not watching in widescreen? Also one bad thing about the show being live is that they can't do like the instant replays of what the judges are talking about.