Thursday, June 24, 2010

M: SYTYCD top 10!

The actual Top 10 starts!

Cristina: Lucky for her (and the other girls), she got Pasha. That was a really awesome Paso Doble. But I dunno, it wouldn't get me to call in a vote for her.

Adechike: I do like the potential for emotional growth in him. I kept thinking about what a beautiful dancer Allison is and has become.

Alex: He's a really awesome dancer, but a lot of the movements made me confused about which dancer was the girl and which was the guy. But technically his movement is incredible. I do kind of wish he wouldn't talk, though. He kind of sounds like a valley girl...

Ashley: She could be the Katie of the season for me. I was very lukewarm to Katie, but well, no, she grew on me in week 1. I feel like Travis is the new Mia -- basically it's a win if you get them for your choreographer. (Agree with Nigel that it was totally contemporary not jazz!)

Billy: Haha, Billy B Buck... (Yay for Krump returning with COMFORT!) I feel like Billy Bell is too skinny and wearing too tight jeans to have real swag. HAHA. But still they were amazingly in sync.

Robert: I love that they've kept Anya around! No offense to him, but I was watching her the ENTIRE time. So... yeah. Wonder how many weeks I'll lament over Anthony not having made it onto the show? Oh well, at least the judges liked him.

Melinda: Stacey Tookey is SOOO cute! I have a major crush on her. Haha. I think the costume was a little too literal... I really liked that piece. And she did a great job.

Jose: If anyone knows how to help a bboy through anything, it's Kathryn. :) This dance made me smile throughout it... He was definitely dedicated to the performance.

Lauren: Wow lyrical hiphop without NappyTabs! (Maybe because they were in VEGAS!) "If I Were a Boy"!!! I liked that a LOT! :) Reminded me of Chelsie and Mark's "Keep Bleeding."

Kent: Haha, I love Kent. I thought he was definitely out of Kent world in this performance, but I thought he did a good job. And I love his personality!!!

Overall thoughts:
  • The girls this season are SO weak and it's already down to 4 girls, 6 guys! But it's interesting because on the flip side, I think that the girl all-stars are stronger.
  • My Favorite Dancers from week 2 (contestants): Kent, Lauren, Alex, Jose
  • My Favorite All-stars from week 2: Kathryn, Anya, Ade, Courtney
  • The judges are really making it a point to help the dancers to grow this year. I think that's kind of cool.
  • Also really glad that they decided to keep the All-stars stay on stage after the performance for support.
  • LOVE this show!


Jennifer said...

I'm not really attached to anyone in particular yet. I think Ashley is my favorite's not her fault that she picked contemporary and jazz for the first two weeks. I actually really like Adechike's dancing but there are too many strong guys this season. I'm kind of afraid that Melinda and Cristina will be going home before any of the guys!

Mark is hotttt.

Fanny said...

I wonder why Jean-Marc Genereaux chose "Libertango" when Alex DaSilva had already used it in Season 2.