Monday, March 29, 2010

sytycd season 7 changes!

After a few days of Nigel tweeting about changes in the upcoming season to include:
- Only ONE dancer leaves the show each week,
- Partners change every week,
- Season 7 will not have a Top 20,
- Dancers will not pick their dance genre...

... the final big change was announced today!
- Dancers will be paired up with "All-Stars" from Seasons 1-6 and dance in the genre of the "All-Stars."

Initially reaction -- Interesting... (Processing... Processing...) Wait, AWESOME! :) I think this could be really good because a) it gives us some more time with the dancers we loved so well in the earlier seasons, b) the dancers will be voted on individually as opposed to be voted on in pairs, and c) can't fault the partner for being the "weaker" dancer!

Additionally, the show was really a mess Season 6. Hosed up timing, no voting for the first few weeks, a finale with 6 dancers instead of 4... And though I love, love, love the show, having Seasons 5 and 6 so close together kind of made it feel less special somehow. Plus, WHY IS THERE NO TOUR FOR SEASON 6? Oh, oh! And, it made me sad because I think I actually liked the Season 6 dancers better as a whole than the Season 5 dancers!

In any case, here's my wish list of dancers I'd love to see come back in Season 7:
-- Russell (S6 winner, and I want him to work with Lil C as a choreographer!)
-- Katee (S4, loved, loved, loooooved her!)
-- Twitch (S4)
-- Chelsie Hightower (S4)
-- Janette (S5)
-- Jeanine (S5 winner)/Kayla (S5)
-- Joshua (S4 winner)
-- Anya (S3)
-- Dominic/Hok (S3)
-- Benji Schwimmer (S2 winner, lower on my list, but he was a very entertaining performer and swing would be fun to watch!)

I'm looking forward to a refreshing, new season! AND I WANT THE TOUR TO COME BACK!!!


Jennifer said...

Yeah I was sort of not sure what to think at first either...I was a little afraid that people might vote for their favorite "all-stars" instead of the actual contestants but I think with switching partners every week it should be ok.

I like your list of alums but they're going to have to be pretty thoughtful about the styles. Like, you need male ballroom (Pasha!) and female hip-hop (Comfort?) and does this mean Evan is a lock for Broadway??

Mira said...

Well it sounds like it's an "All-Star pool", so it could mean that the group of All-Stars change every week. So then one week there could be Krump, and another there could be Broadway...? It does mean that some of the other dances like Bollywood will be gone. Though I guess that's just as fun in group dances (if not more)...

Jennifer said...

Right, the pool of all-stars will probably change week to week, but in general there's no shortage of contemporary/jazz people to choose from but there are all those ballroom dances that need all-stars too. I wonder if Chelsie and Lacey and Dmitry can come back from Dancing with the Stars!