Tuesday, March 30, 2010

greek in brief

Just watched the season finale of Greek. First off, sucks that I have to wait until the summer for new episodes!!! Life was better when I was seasons behind and had a bajillion episodes to watch before I was caught up. Secondly, noooooo I don't want Cappie-Casey broken up. Though I kinda liked the twist of Cappie getting offended and doing the actual dumping. Third, I'm really glad they decided to make it so that Casey didn't get into CRU Law. That would've been the easy way out and while I don't want her and Cappie to break up, I want them to figure it out the hard way, not have it easy. Fourth, yay for Ashley's job! Finally, yay for Evan and Rebecca! Ooh doubly lastly, yay for the ultimate revenge-- OX's president being a friendly and KT and OX burying the hatchet!

Okay that's it. What will I do to tide me over until the premier of Greek's final season?!?

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