Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kyle XY!

I know my first review of this show last summer was pretty lukewarm, but as with a lot of shows, I kept watching it and found myself liking it more and more. Once they got past all the silly "oh another funny thing that Kyle discovers he doesn't know about being human" episodes and started getting more into Kyle's past, things started getting a lot more interesting. And the Tragers, who initially just seemed almost like caricatures grew on me throughout the first season, and even Josh is tolerable now. Kyle's effect on everyone around him was really believable. In a way, the show reminds me a little bit of Roswell, and a little bit of Dark Angel too, which is a good thing. I've missed my teen genre TV (sorry, I don't watch Smallville or Supernatural...)

Last night's premiere made me pretty happy. I'm really impressed with the casting job they did on Adam Baylin...he and Kyle really did look so much alike. I kind of wish we could have seen more of him, but the writers were smart in not having Kyle separated from the Tragers for too long. After realizing and seeing how lonely Adam's been all his life, Kyle knew that he had to go back. As for all the Zyzyx stuff, I'm withholding judgment on all that for now, but hopefully it'll get developed properly and not get too convoluted. Though with the introduction of the "XX" girl, who I get the impression might be evil, I'm a little worried. The first season was relatively quiet in terms of intrigue and action and all that and I don't think I necessarily want to see the show stray too far from the family stuff.

Oh, and another familiar face popped up on last night's episode! Martin Cummins, who was on Dark Angel (and was also on Life as We Know It)! And of course Nicholas Lea has been on the show for awhile (Krycek from the X-files and also from Whistler). All Vancouver shows...does Vancouver have like a limited TV casting pool or something? Kandyse McClure (Dualla from Battlestar Galactica) was also on Whistler, and the actor who played Adrien on Whistler was in an early episode of Kyle XY too. Hm it seems like all sci-fi shows shoot in Vancouver...the aforementioned Smallville and Supernatural shoot there too (oh, Jensen Ackles was in Dark Angel too!). Okay, obviously I need to stop my internal IMDB-ing, especially since I seem to be mentioning all sort of random shows that people probably have not watched...

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