Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Short takes

The Amazing Race: I don't why I've never watched this show before, considering I've watched almost every other reality show on the planet, but I finally checked it out and I can see why it's so popular. It's really fun and because everyone's running around the world (literally) I don't think there'll be quite as much time for alliances and backstabbing and all that stuff that competitive reality shows usually drum up. And since I'm not watching anything else on Sundays, I might stick with it. Sad that the Indian couple got kicked off so early though, they were so cute!

Survivor: It's obvious they came up with the whole teams-separated-by-race thing for ratings, and honestly it kind of worked because I haven't watched the show in years but I made time for the premiere of this one. It's just so ridiculously un-politically-correct that you have to be curious. It's horrible though, I feel like I can't really talk about any of the people without being afraid of drawing stereotypes. It was interesting though, especially seeing how they themselves reacted to the whole situation. I most likely will be dropping this from my schedule soon though, because Thursdays at 8 are a crowded timeslot.

The Class: I think this is from the creators of Friends, which I never really liked all that much. This one has one of the more bizarre premises I've ever heard of, but it's a sitcom and sitcoms are always full of contrived situations. I think this one is set in Philly though, which is fun because I got all the references to towns and stuff they were talking about. Anyway, Lizzy Caplan is always totally cool (I've like her in basically everything she's ever done) but I'm not sure about the rest of the cast. And I also have no clue what the show is going to be like because it wouldn't make sense for the people they called out as the main characters to end up all being friends....

How I Met Your Mother: I was getting a bit tired of this show last season mostly because I just didn't care about Ted and Robin. I'm not even so much bothered by the fact that Robin is not going to end up being Ted's wife. They just don't interest me as a couple, I guess. That said, I'm glad that the premiere was mostly about Marshall. But I'm not so sure about Lily and Marshall not being together because they were my favorite thing about the show.

Dancing with the Stars: This show is like crack. It's unbelievably cheesy and the B-list celebrities they always manage to get is hilarious, but somehow you just get sucked in. Mario Lopez kind of knocked it out of the park and I thought Emmitt Smith was really good too. But Ashly, my favorite professional dancer, got stuck with another dud partner, Aaron Echolls himself. (I'm never going to see Harry Hamlin as anyone else ever again.) These audience participation reality shows are too much of a commitment though since I generally don't watch much TV live anymore. But I'll watch it (when I remember) until my other shows kick in.


Mira said...

it's kinda funny cuz I stopped by our page just to completely BLAST the class. and I must say I'm completely surprised by your lukewarm review. because seriously for me, that was a very painful 22 minutes of television to sit through. just starting from the acting, to the lines, to the setups, to blech. I simply didn't like ANYTHING in it. actually I take that back. I liked the premise, which is what had me watching it to begin with. and I liked how they took the class pictures, and matched up 3rd grade kid to present day adult. but seriously, that was it. it's definitely off my 2007 TV lineup.

Jennifer said...

I guess I didn't hate it. I mean, it was far being the best thing I've watched on TV but I had low expectations of it and I kind of feel like it had low expectations of itself. I'm not home on Monday nights (I have class) so it's probably not worth my DVR-ing it, even though it's on before How I Met Your Mother and there's nothing else on in that timeslot.