Friday, September 08, 2006

Mystery solved?

Augh! So a couple of posts ago I said that I didn't really care whether Lonelygirl15 was real or staged. But I was lying, apparently I do care because yesterday this cropped up, a confession by "The Creators", and man was it disappointing. The fun part of it all was the mystery, not knowing whether it was real or not. I mean, we don't know for sure whether this message is for real or not, and even if it is, it doesn't explain if Bree is a real person or an actress or if the storyline is fictional or not or anything. The message states "Lonelygirl15 is a reflection of everyone. She is no more real or fictitious than the portions of our personalities that we choose to show (or hide) when we interact with the people around us." I mean, what the crap is that? I don't know, I guess part of me was really hoping that Lonelygirl15 was just an innocent home-schooled girl with a webcam. No "show," no "filmmakers, no "birth of a new art form."

Ah, well. I'm going to keep up with it, I mean, watching a two-minute video blog every couple of days and reading a few message board posts isn't a very big commitment.

My LG15 sources: Virginia Heffernan at the New York Times and various articles at the LA Times.

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