Friday, September 22, 2006

Project Runway episode 10 and Fashion Week

This post is pretty late but there is no new episode this week so I figured I would go for it. Plus this past Friday was the PR Fashion Week show so there's that to talk about as well.

This week's episode was alright. I liked the challenge a lot, make a black and white cocktail outfit and use ALL your fabric. But the return of Angela and Vincent? Not so much. This season just seems to have waaay too many gimmicks. One of the things that hooked me to PR in the first place was its straightforwardness, but this season things have been much less consistent. Seemingly random model usage and selection, immunity that comes and goes, flying to Paris? And now this return of past winners? I guess it could have been a good idea and the producers had no reason to expect that two of the weakest designers (in my opinion) would end up coming back. Anyway, I spent most of the episode terrified that Angela or Vincent would miraculously come up with a win, but thankfully that didn't happen. And Kayne went home, which was pretty much how I'd been expecting thigns to go anyway. Also really happy that Laura got her first win.

So, final four: Michael, Uli, Laura, and Jeffrey. They all showed their collection at Olympus Fashion Week on Friday. One is a decoy (I think), but I can't even really begin to guess who it is. I perused photos of the collections and there were more than a few surprises. Michael was originally my pick to win, but I was kind of disappointed by his pieces. They all kind of reminded me of the Pam Grier outfit he did, which I loved, but kind of only as a Pam Grier outfit. Jeffrey's seemed kind of all over the place, and it reminded me a bit of Santino's collection from last season which was considerably more subdued than the stuff he did on the show. Laura and Uli I loved and I thought each had a very specific point of view. But I really don't know anything about fashion so who knows. Next week is the last regular episode, followed by the reunion show, and then two weeks of finale.

(And then a new season of Top Chef!!!)

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Mira said...

thank goodness for your post. i kept wondering why i couldn't d/l the latest episode of project runway!! hahaha.