Friday, September 22, 2006

The Office is back!!!!

The funny thing about cliffhanger season finales is that you're always left thinking that something HUGE has to happen to resolve it, but that's really rarely the case. The Jim/Pam kiss from last season's finale had me itching all summer to find out that was going to happen but what happened was actually...not much. But I'm alright with that because ultimately I wouldn't want Jim/Pam to be EVERYTHING on this show. So I'm glad that Jim went to work in Stamford. And of course I'm glad that Pam didn't go through with the wedding but didn't immediately go for Jim. The scene where they revealed that was pretty genius, though, with Roy bringing Pam lunch as if they were married but then Pam not looking all that happy and then Roy's earnest small-talk and then the flash of Pam's hand and then the reveal. It's also interesting that neither Pam nor Jim mentioned eachother once during the episode. I definitely like how this is playing out.

Actually the thing I'm most impressed with about this show is how many great moments they can pack into a half hour (really 20-something minutes). Ryan's "I'm no longer a temp", Phyllis is engaged (yay!) to Bob Vance (of Vance Refrigeration), the girl in Jim's office imitating his camera face, Dwight's fake "I miss Jim" act, Pam trying to laugh at Michael with Ryan but Ryan not getting it, Roy's mugshot, Stanley's two toasters story, "Big Tuna," the stapler in Jello...and that's not even getting to the main plot of the episode. That stuff was seriously cringe-inducing and completely inappropriate, but had me cracking up like no other by the end. I really thought Oscar was going to leave the office for a minute there but I'm glad he didn't and that moment where Oscar forgives Michael was really believable because Steve Carrell pulls off that offensive-and-rude-but-really- just-clueless thing so ridiculously well. And not to mention the Michael/Oscar kiss that followed. Most uncomfortable conference room ever! And the ending with the gaydar!

Yay for the Office!

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