Thursday, August 16, 2012

Check in Thursdays: Week 33

Watching... Random movie recommendation, this week! Chalet Girl starring Felicity Jones (I don't actually recognize her from anything, but she's totally like a British Ellen Page in this movie) with Brooke Shields, Bill Nighy, Chuck Bass (or Ed Westwick), Sophia Bush, dorky guy from the tv version of 10 Things I Hate about You. This movie was basically a British Whip It (maybe its the Ellen Page similarity) on snowboard. Well, in some ways it is like Cutting Edge, too, but whatever, it was fun! I'm glad Netflix had it on streaming!
Listening... Stuck with what is on my iPod, but this week's nostalgic music: Stroke 9.
Reading... Random free books on my Kindle. Oh, and tv gossip like Ausiello on Oh, and As You Like It.

Watching... Now that the Olympics are over, I'm back to So You Think You Can Dance and forever trying to catch up on last season's TV. I also finally watched The Dark Knight Rises, which I liked but didn't think was as good as the last one.
Listening... Metric - Youth Without Youth is getting radio play? Also, new song from Frightened Rabbit.
Reading... Started Swamplandia! byKaren Russell while I was at the beach this weekend.

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burkie said...

watching...the PGA Championship (yay, Rory McIlroy!) and the series finale of The Closer *sniff, sniff*
listening...randoms iPod stuff.
reading...As You Like It :)
jenn, i read Swamplandia! a few months ago. i rather enjoyed it.