Friday, August 03, 2012

Check in Thursdays: Week 31

Watching... The Olympics! NBC coverage is terrible, of course, and I can't watch the live feed because it's during the work day, but gosh, I love gymnastics! The US men's team melting down was pretty painful, but our girls winning gold was amazing! I'm kind of obsessed with McKayla Maroney's ridiculously perfect vault--I rewinded and watched it like 5 times. And how amazing was Gabby Douglas? It's amazing how everyone was concerned about her consistency and focus only a few months ago. I'm definitely sad that Jordyn Wieber didn't qualify for the all-around though (stupid rule) but I was really happy for Aly Raisman. I believe she's been told in the past that she should just give up bars completely since it's her weakest event but she stuck with it. Unfortunately the result was a little heartbreaking - lost the tiebreaker and the bronze to Mustafina. She still two event finals to go though. Also very happy for Danell Leyva's bronze (and his ever-present towel, which has its own twitter feed, and his super excited stepdad/coach). Bummed for John Orozco but I think he's young enough to come back.
Listening... Spotify on Android! I listen to most of my music in the car so I'm pretty excited about this. Passion Pit's Take a Walk was my pick a few weeks ago, now listening to the full album.
Reading... Still working on Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Just read a really interesting chapter on how Asian-American students often feel overlooked/inadequate because of cultural introvert/extrovert norms and perceptions.

Mira: (posted a day late again, cuz... I forgot!)
Watching... The Olympics are taking over my life, too.  Staying up until 1AM every night and not being able to do anything but sit in front of the tv after 8PM.  What a productiveness-drainer! But oh so exciting. I love gymnastics, too, of course, but my surprise Olympics crush? Missy Franklin!
Listening... So it's been quite a while, but I really like the Awolnation's "Not Your Fault." The song gets me super energized while listening to it (don't know why) and I am curious about the rest of their music.
Reading... Finished the Rick Riordan and Mary Higgins Clark books. Also finished a Nora Roberts book. Unfortunately had to return one of the Marina Fiorato books to the library before I started it, but currently working on The Botticelli Secret.  On deck for the weekend: two young adult books by Allyson Condie, Matched and Crossed.  More teenage dystopian fiction. :)


Fanny said...

Also watching the Olympics! I have the website up on my screen at work, so I've been able to watch the live feed. However, since everyone else is also trying to watch, I have to constantly hit refresh when if freezes. My friend told me that so many of her co-workers are watching the Olympics, that the company sent out a mass email urging people to watch them in large groups to avoid crashing the servers.

Listening to Gare du Nord's "Pablo's Blues". He sings the same lyrics over and over again and I can barely make out what he's singing, but I love it!

Reading: news articles about the Olympics.

burkie said..., haven't watched any of the olympics. guess i'm a bad american. what i have watched is a several episodes of Feherty. i realize that it's hard to convince any reader of this--or most any other--blog to watch The Golf Channel, but it may be the best talk show ever (and i don't think you have to be a golf fan to enjoy it).
listening to...some old CSN&Y, remembering how good some of those songs like "Helplessly Hoping" and Suite Judy Blue Eyes" are.
reading...still reading the Charles Todd book.