Thursday, August 09, 2012

Check In Thursdays: Week 32

Watching... Well, I've stopped watching the Olympics because I haven't really turned on the tv in my hotel room. Instead I'm catching up with ABC TV on Hulu. First up: the last few episodes of Once Upon a Time.
Listening... Uh, I brought my iPod with me so that means I'll be listening to mostly music that I already had been listening to. Nothing new to report!
Reading.... Finished The Botticelli Secret before I left but not the other two books.  Am reading a lot of junk on my Kindle, but balancing that out by starting As You Like It. (Burkie and I are going to attempt a virtual book club. Details still to be worked out.)

Watching... I was traveling for work this week too so didn't get to watch much of the Olympics either. Trying to catch up with at least gymnastics online but the NBC streaming isn't so hot.
Listening... Umm...nothing. At all.
Reading... Didn't get much reading done this week - it was just work, eat, sleep. But still working on Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Hoping to get some quality reading time in this weekend at the beach!

1 comment:

burkie said...

watched, listened to, and read nothing new this past week.

but i will be starting AS You Like It today :)