Thursday, March 08, 2012

Check in Thursdays: Week 10

Jennifer: Apparently this week is good intentions but no execution week?
Watching... I recently discovered that the UK version of Skins is on Hulu. I started series 5 (the third generation) awhile back but fell behind so I'm looking forward to catching up.
Listening... Finishing up the audiobook of The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall. Can't wait for my library to get the third book on audio!
Reading... Still working on books from previous weeks. I did borrow The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides from the library yesterday, we'll see if I have time to actually get to it.

burkie (filling in for mira):
watching...reruns of Psych, in preparation of the new season.  i've only watched this show sporadically, but it's always amusing.
listening...Songbones, by grayson capps.  i discovered him when i saw the travolta/johannsen movie A Love Song for Bobby Long, which i rather enjoyed.  the movie is set in new orleans, and capps is a new orleans musician, and this cd definitely relects local color.
reading...nothing, really.  still doing research on Scotland  :)


Fanny said...

Watching: The River [ABC show]. It's about the search for this explorer who went missing in the Amazon. The search is being funded by his old television station, so a camera crew follows his family while they look for him. It was created by the same people who did the Paranormal Activity movies and it has a little bit of a LOST vibe to it.

Listening: Was recently reminded of this song I heard back in college by a youtuber named Sam Hart. It's called "Mario Kart Love Song" and is about love using the Mario Kart universe. I thought it was really cute back then and still do.

Reading: NOTHING

burkie said...

i'll have to write something for fanny to read :)