Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: looking for a job?

M: What tv/movie/book jobs, as in ones that belong to characters, would you most like to have?

1. In a very short-lived sitcom called The Return of Jezebel James, Parker Posey's character was a children's literature editor. I've always thought that would be the perfect job for me!
2. Liz Lemon (Tina Fey)'s job on 30 Rock. Head writer for a TV show!
3. Toss up between: Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) on Covert Affairs. Knowing a bajillion languages and having traveled the world = perfect skillsets needed to be a kick-ass spy? Sounds like a fun! (Okay, so I'm too much of a wimp to actually do all the ass kicking...) Colin Firth's character on Love Actually -- to be a novelist on a lake in Portugal, what a life!

1. In this silly little webseries Rockville, CA, one of the characters, Deb, was a talent scout for a record company. Probably makes no money but going to clubs and listening to bands as your job sounds like it would be really fun (for awhile at least).
2. Caterer by day, spy by night! Um, yeah...this show (Undercovers) got cancelled.
3. Owning, running, and living on a beautiful Napa Valley winery like the dad in The Parent Trap. Sign me up!

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burkie said...

great questions, mira! and i love both your & jenn's #3 answers.

1) Thursday Next, from the Jasper Fforde series of books featuring Literary Detective Thursday Next. she's not only a literary detective, she also moonlights as a member of the book world's policing agency and as a cheese smuggler!

2) Mr. Weasley's job in the Ministry of Magic's Department of Muggle Artifacts. it seems like a harmless job that he enjoys immensely. what could be better than that?

3) U.S. Marshal Marshall Mann )& U.S. Marshall Mary Shannon) of the Federal Witness Protection Service. besides the obvious coolness of having a name & title like U.S. Marshal Marshall Mann, you get to help people start their lives all over again from scratch with new names and identities and places to live. it's kind of like creating new characters for a story :)