Saturday, January 22, 2011

trying out some new TV

Tried out a few new shows in the past two weeks...

Off the Map: I was pretty excited about this show. Created/produced by Shonda Rhimes (of Grey's Anatomy fame), the main girl from Wonderfalls, Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights, and the hot anesthesiologist from Grey's Anatomy... Sounded like a recipe for success. Plus I love doctor shows for whatever reason. In any case, having watched two episodes so far, I'm already very excited. It's basically Grey's Anatomy (which I love) in the jungle. I love that Zach Gilford is playing a very different character: party boy, spoiled, lazy. I love that Caroline Dhavernas is back on TV. I already have a ship to root for. And I love the unconventional medical problems they face and the unconventional ways they have to address them.

Perfect Couples: I thought the concept of this show was interesting but pretty much every single character on this show is neurotic. One or two neurotic characters, fine. Six out of six characters all neurotic? Sigh, too much. There was a LOT of yelling in thirty minutes. Sigh. I couldn't figure out which couple I hated more: the pretentious couple trying to be truly perfec or the angry couple who is constantly fighting and making up passionately... The normal couple was almost okay but their normalness is almost too forced. I'm not sure how much longer I'll watch, but I'll give it at least one more episode.

Being Human: (Even though Jenn blogged about this already...) Since I never saw the British version, I came into this with no expectations. All I knew was that it involved a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. :) In any case, I really enjoyed the first episode. I love the slight dorkiness and loneliness of the werewolf, Josh; the broodiness of the vampire, Aiden; and the quirkiness of the ghost, Sally. I like that you can see the set-up for some story lines: the mystery of how Sally died; Aiden dealing with his twisted brother and past; Josh trying desperately to be normal and deal with the return of his sister into his life. My only complaint about the show? The commercial breaks are at odd moments and the end was dramatic but it didn't have that dramatic pause for an end and instead was rather abrupt. :)

Fairly Legal: Alternative Dispute Resolution! I love this show already. An almost law show all about a kick ass woman, Kate, who talks fast, reacts fast, and juggles a crazy life and crazy relationships. She lives on a boat. And she fears conflict (but knows how to effectively mediate it). Oddly her contacts are all Wizard of Oz characters on her phone. And beyond Kate, there are many other great side characters: the "evil" stepmother (Wicked Witch of the West on the phone), the dorky assistant who plays World of Warcraft, the ex-husband district attorney (Tin Man)... Someone's The Wizard, I haven't figured out who.

Harry's Law: I'm excited to see Kathy Bates playing the lead in a show. It was quite the pilot; she was almost killed twice in the first 5 minutes! The show has lots of odd, but interesting side characters -- from Britanny Snow as her assistant; to the fast talking, kinda neurotic guy who wants to work for her; to the neighborhood gangster who offers protection for cash (or in Harry's case, free legal services)... In any case, it was a fun and interesting pilot. I was expecting Kathy Bates to be a possible female, lawyer version of Dr. House, but nope, I was wrong. Someone who is very obviously (and reluctantly) a softy. Ooh, and it included avery, very true line about the law profession: "We're not really in the justice business... Lawyers... we're in the win business." Will continue to watch it, though it'll probably be a show that I won't mind missing but will enjoy watching...


burkie said...

hahaha, would you believe i've seen three of these shows? Fairly Legal, because you told me about it. i like it, too. Harry's Law was easy to watch 'cause it followed The Cape :) i liked what i saw and will give it a chance. i accidently saw Perfect Couples and agree with you completely, except for the part of watching it again; i won't. House is the only medical show that i've ever really gotten into (well, and M*A*S*H), but i really liked the Wonderfalls girl so i might give it a chance.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Mira for covering all the medical and legal shows I don't watch =)

I did check out Off the Map because I love Caroline Dhavernas and Zach Gilford but I can't stand Grey's Anatomy so no surprise I didn't like this either.