Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thurday Top Threes: Resolutions

Faced with the daunting prospect of another 52 weeks of Thursday Talk questions, Jenn and I decided to switch it up a little for 2011. Instead of Thursday Talk questions, we're going to continue our "talks" in a new vein -- Thursday Top Threes! Each week we'll take turns coming up with questions that require a Top Three ranking. Cheers to 2011 and a new year of blogging! (Year number six!)

M: What are your top three entertainment-related resolutions for 2011?

1. Try to watch more movies. In my high school years, watching movies was most definitely a hobby. In the past few years, the number of new movies I watch have dwindled. I tend to only rewatch movies I've seen and love or watch nothing at all. In 2011 I will make more time for new movies; oh, and not only when flying on international flights.
2. Read the un-read fiction novels on my bookshelf. I love books and I love owning books. After moving into my current house, I realized that I would not have to move for a very long time and I allowed myself to get spend-happy on buying books again (especially when perusing the books table at Costco). Now I find myself with this collection of random fiction novels that I have never read. I finish grad school in May; so from May on, I technically have time for a life again. That gives me a good 7 months to devote to reading the books on my bookshelf.
3. Blog more about non-TV-related things. I attempted this last year (book, movie, song) but that quickly was a bust. To quantify this goal, I will try to blog at least once a month about non-TV entertainment.

1. Keep track of the books I finish reading. And try to finish more books in general. I have a terrible habit of borrowing too many books from the library at once and then returning most without finishing them.
2. Start/catch up on at least some of the following TV shows: Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, The Pacific, The Wire, Treme.
3. Tackle Netflix queue. Carried over from last year. I'm hopefully going to get a Blu-Ray with Netflix streaming sometime soon so perhaps that will help. I'm at 338 and adding more all the time...


burkie said...

1) do more from the production side: write some songs (whole songs, not just single verses, even if they're tucker's songs); write better stories; maybe work on one of my other writing projects (book, screenplays, broadway musical).

2) read more shakespeare.

3) see more movies. i've really fallen behind :(

burkie said...

i think mira's top resolution should be to watch Casablanca :)