Wednesday, January 19, 2011

AI: Season 10?!

Sigh... I can't believe I actually watched the season premiere of American Idol. Especially since the early audition episodes are ridiculously painful to sit through. But I wanted to see how Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez changed the show...

Contestants aren't worth mentioning this early. Only 1 out of every 20 or so singers are even worth listening to... So I'll focus on the judges. :)

J. Lo and her inability to say "No" was amusing, and surprisingly. I thought that when push came to shove, she would be the one who could say it straight. I had assumed she would have a good dose of inner bitch to draw on but she could barely make eye contact with even the horrible singers she had to say no to! Best line, though: (After a particularly horrible singer, to Randy) "How did you do this for ten years?"

Steven Tyler was amusing. When he got into the singing, he really got into it; he was like a little boy, bopping his head up and down, huge goofy grin on his face, clapping along. It was cute! Except his hitting on all the 20 year old girls was a bit creepy...

Randy Jackson, wait, why is he still here?! Haha, just kidding. But it is odd that he's the only of the original judges left now. A lot of the contestants that came in were all starstruck by J. Lo or Steven Tyler. So it was pretty funny how Randy would wave his head and be like "Hello! I'm still here, too!" But he does maintain the tone of the show and being the only veteran judge, he is good at keeping everything on track and well, "keeping it real."

I'm not sure how much more of the show I will watch this season. It'll come down to how much space there is on the DVR and how promising the top 20 look/sound. :)

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Jennifer said...

I hate the auditions so I'll wait until the finals or however they're doing it this year. I am concerned about the reports that they are tons of 15 and 16 year olds though...aren't Disney and Nickelodeon providing us with enough teen pop stars?