Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top Chef: Something's fishy

First of all, I want to say that I was really excited to see the chefs go to Montauk because I'm just really fond of that place. I've been there the past two summers and I can't wait to go again this year. Maybe I should try fishing!

No Quickfire this week, as they decide to make the chefs actually go out on boats and catch fish to cook for the Elimination challenge. they get 5 hours to fish, which seems like a long time, but I guess they wanted to make sure everyone got something. They try to manufacture a little drama here, but in the end, they all caught plenty of fish.

The chefs were split into teams of three, but weren't instructed on how many dishes they needed to make. So Richard, Marcel, and Fabio decide to only do one dish; Tiffany, Mike, and Angelo collaborate on two dishes; while the others all basically do their own dishes. This made judging a little tricky. I guess it worked out that Jamie and Tiffani both had worse dishes than Richard/Marcel/Fabio, so they were both sent home. If the Richard/Marcel/Fabio dish had been the absolute worst then I assume Richard and Marcel would have been eliminated, since Fabio was basically just the prep cook.

Anyway, I've been wanting Jamie gone for weeks so I'm glad she finally got the boot. Her attitude this time around was just so...distasteful. And I don't think she made a single good dish the entire season so far. Tiffani, on the other hand, I'm upset about. I think she's a strong, creative chef, but I guess she was just undone by not enough knowledge of the fish she chose? I'm glad she got a chance to kind of redeem her TV persona and went out with class.

As for the winner, I LOVE Carla! So glad she hasn't gotten lost in the shuffle and is distinguishing herself. It was so sweet how she felt bad telling the others they were on the bottom and said "I should have contained my excitement." Don't let Marcel make you feel bad! You rock!

Just a taste:
- Marcel's faux-gansta talk (complete with arm movements) drives me NUTS. This is why, despite the whole head-shaving incident, I still hate him. Was very glad to hear Dale took anger management and didn't engage the little punk.
- Yet anther crazy Angelo tidbit - he's irrationally afraid of sharks!
- "No fish for Fabio today!"
- I thought it was kind of a shame that they drove everything back to the city to cook. I guess they didn't want to or couldn't house the chefs in Montauk overnight.
- I eat meat, but I was little disturbed by Tom's comment "when you kill it you have respect for it."
- Next week, Restaurant Wars, Bourdain AND Ludo Lefebvre!

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