Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Amsterdam

Initially when I heard about this show last year I wasn't too excited. I mean, in terms of shows about immortal beings, Buffy kinda set the bar. And in truth Angel was pretty alright, too. So really, another show revolving that? Yeah, I wasn't too excited. In any case, apparently the initial reviews of it weren't all that great either because the show had gotten revamped. Re-reading reviews about New Amsterdam and all the previews during American Idol (yeah, I still watch it!), I decided to give it a chance. In fact, I was rather excited to watch it!

Yeah... not so much. I just can't get into the characters all that much. I'm glad they lightened up the character of the main actor dude, but just... their witty banter isn't natural and it doesn't flow. It just sounds like they're trying to be witty and well, not really succeeding. I have to admit I was quite surprised by the CSI-ness of the show. I wasn't expecting that. The twist of him being immortal until he meets the love of his life is interesting, but so far it hasn't sucked me in. Being a major "shipper," and I seriously am, without a compelling "ship" to root for, this show just isn't doing it for me.

Our DVR has caught the 2nd and 3rd episodes of this show, so I'll give it a few more tries but I doubt I'll keep it on my lineup for much longer. Besides, the writer's strike is over -- new episodes just around the corner!!!


Jennifer said...

I watched this show too...and I don't really know yet. I kind of find some aspects of it a little too far-fetched. Like New York's a big place but can you really avoid people being like, why do you never get old? And I'm not too into crime shows in general. I might give it another week or too as well.

I do kind of want to give Moonlight another try though...I was bored by the first episode but it seems there are people out there who are totally obsessed with it...

Ben Abba said...

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