Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kyle XY and Terminator finales

I have a bad habit of neglecting to post on the finales or important episodes of shows, so these are a couple of weeks late but I did want to comment on them.

Kyle XY: This season has been pretty light on the sci-fi side, but I have to say that I've really enjoyed it regardless. The cast just gels so well, and there really hasn't been a dud episode all season. I really liked how they handled Jessi's evolution through the season and I'm glad that she finally realized that Brian sucked. I was glad to see Sarah finally surface (although was I the only one who thought Ally Sheedy looked almost unrecognizable?) and I hope that she and Jessi aren't actually leaving Seattle. Jessi was definitely irritating at times but I think she's kind of necessary to keep the Latnok storyline going.

I'm not sure what was going on there at the end of the finale though...Amanda being kidnapped is kind of blah, but is Mark the TA part of Latnok?? I haven't really been too taken with Mark...generally I like that sort of adorkable-ness but for some reason I was still holding onto my Lori-Declan ship all season. I had a feeling that Lori was going to reject Declan in the end, but it still made me sad. I do like them as friends too, though, and hopefully this means Declan can stop pining and get more involved with Kyle's stuff. One of my favorite things from the first season of the show was how Declan became the first person Kyle really trusted.

I LOVED how Kyle was researching the prom and rattling off silly statistics about how the prom is portrayed in movies and young adult novels. I loved that last part because hardly anyone ever talks about just how many YA novels are out there and how many of them make important things happen at the prom. I'm not a huge fan of Kyle and Amanda (I mean, I think they're sweet and all but generally they're boring) but their dance at end was so incredibly cute. They floated! It was just perfect, especially after they didn't even spend most of the prom together.

Oh, and Foss showed up! For only a minute or two but man do I love Nick Lea. Haha, I know, I'm pathetic. Eagerly awaiting next season!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: I can't say that I was as into this show as much as a lot of others I watch, but I truly did enjoy this short first season. Oddly enough, I think it really started to get good when Brian Austin Green joined the cast. I know, David Silver doesn't exactly come to mind when you think of someone who can inject life into a show, but his character, Derek Reese, John's uncle, brought some urgency and intensity to the show that I think was really needed. Sarah's pretty kickass but her demeanor is really sometimes too...calm? I even started getting a little more interested in the FBI part. Agent Ellison's religious side was beginning to get a bit creepy and ominous...but that's probably just because he kept quoting Revelations, which is like inherently ominous.

The finale was maybe a little anti-climactic for me somehow, but the scene with the camera underwater while all the bloody SWAT guys were falling into the pool was really well shot, and the music was eerily perfect. Also loved the scene where Derek took John to the park to see his younger self and Kyle playing baseball. It was so unexpected, for me at least, and really bittersweet. I'm not sure yet if the show is going to come back for another season, but if it does, I'll be watching to see what happens next.

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