Friday, March 21, 2008

The Gauntlet III finale

Wow, was this season of the RW/RR challenge a fiasco or what? I thought the way they set up the teams and challenges and gauntlets was truly stupid because there wasn't a lot of incentive to win the weekly challenges because you'd just end up with more people in the end that need to cross the finish line (because the final challenge is ALWAYS a race) so that led to all sorts of throwing of challenges and making deals with the other team and backstabbing and it was just ridiculous.

I mean, both teams totally sucked. The Veterans were so focused on their stupid sexist "cutting the fat" and getting rid of girls that they didn't bother worrying about Eric until the very end. And the Rookies, who should have been taking advantage of the fact that the Vets had so many more people than they did, were still losing challenges that they shouldn't have, and they didn't even finish first in the final challenge...they won by default because Eric collapsed along the way. Not that I really wanted the Vets to win, but I thought that rule was kind of ridiculous. Your teammate doesn't just quit, he ends up in the hospital but even though the rest of the team finishes before the other team, you can't win? I don't know, you have to give the Vets some credit, most of them are pretty despicable but they totally rocked all the challenges.

I haven't watched every season of the show, but I hope the next season they go back to having individual performance mean something. I HATE these big team challenges where the numbers can get so uneven. My favorite season of the challenge was the original Battle of the Sexes where the top 3 individual performers from each team got to choose who to send home, and even though Fresh Meat produced a whole lot of terrible people who it seems will not be going away now, I liked the pairs format. Although I do have to say that this show does come up with some pretty creative challenges. I loved the buried alive one and the one where they were all rolled up in Mexican blankets was hilarious...

My final rundown:
People who are on my shit list: Evan, Kenny, Ev, Danny, Casey, CT (although he did kind of surprise me a little by telling Evan to stop yelling at Eric and encourage him instead), Diem (by association because why the heck is she dating CT??)
People who annoy me: Tori, Johanna, Melinda, Janelle, Tyler
People who I actually still like: Adam, Brad, Paula, Nehemiah
People who I like even though they're annoying: Frank, Jillian, Coral, Katie
People who are just whatever: everyone else

The reunion is next week. I'm such a sucker for this stuff, I'm sure it's going to be wild.

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