Sunday, February 24, 2008

Truly starting to love Kyle XY

I feel like I'm only one of handful of people watching this show, but you know, I'm really loving it this season. I'm kind of glad they've scaled back a bit on all the evil corporation stuff and are focusing more on Kyle and Jessi just learning more about themselves. I've said this before and I'll say it again: Matt Dallas is doing such a phenomenal job as Kyle. Kyle is such a genuinely good and loving person and it never comes off as fake or boring (like say, Clark Kent?) And even though it's sometimes hard to see why...I'm really glad that he refuses to give up on Jessi.

As for Jessi...sometimes I get the feeling that the writers don't really know what to do with her but maybe that's the point...she's really impressionable. Last season she was being told to get closer to Kyle and take his secrets, so she did. And this season she's being told by Taylor that she's special and extraordinary and now she's believing that. I do really like that what's pushing Jessi to stretch her abilities is her wanting to be the best while Kyle is always about other people. He couldn't heal a small cut on his own hand but it kind of looked like he healed Andi's cancer at the end of last week's episode?? At first I was wondering why the two of them were even talking at all, never mind hugging, but I can really believe Kyle just has that affect on people. And the actress who plays Andi did that scene perfectly...she looked a little confused but was just letting herself go with it.

But like any good show, it's the details that really make it all fun. I LOVE that Andi is really short for Andromeda. I love that Declan is all sad that's he's not a part of Kyle's adventures anymore (and did Lori actually reference "Keclan"??). How psyched was he saw that could get back into the action at the bar. And I totally love Hillary. I always like it when TV Shows manage to turn formerly bitchy/jerky characters into lovable ones, and she's just hilarious. Her "reporting" at the bar fight was totally classic. Also really liked that Amanda brought up the fact that Hillary slept with Charlie...she might have a personality after all.

Full episodes of all of season 1 and most of season 2 are online at ABCFamily so for anyone who was a fan of Roswell or even the early seasons of Smallville, I definitely encourage you all to go watch this show!

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